Case Study

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  • Date: January – March 2019

  • Client: Barnasfalt

  • Location: Franqueses del Vallès, Barcelona

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The works carried out in the Falgar pond consisted first in the initial technical re-planning of the operation of the pond with the writing of a technical report valued and then in the executive works of naturalization of the lake with native helophytes species.

Plurispecific grasslands were installed on the main pond and monospecific grasslands of reed on the first two lagoons. In the channel of water entrance to the lake, helophytes were planted in the form of forest alveolus. In addition, three platforms of floating islands were found on the main pond.


The initial project proposed a complex recirculation water system to avoid stagnation problems based on the concept of a natural pool.
The water that arrived to the lake came from a WWTP and had to be treated before it arrived to the lake.


  • Creation of superficial flow lagoons.
  • Stabilisation of the pond margins.
  • Installation of floating vegetated islands.
  • Construction of animals refugees’ structures.


Enhancement of the sewage water quality. Creation of new fauna and flora habitats. Reduction of solids in suspension and DBO of the water. Colonisation of the spaces with autochthonous vegetation.

Channel area after the works

State of the floating islands

Design section

Regarding the design, it was done in detail, including all the constructive phases that affected the creation of the pond. During the execution, the necessary advice was given to Barnasfalt during the construction process, until in the last phase, revegetation, it was already worked directly on the pond.

Scheme of the channel

Margins of the pond
Sections of different areas of construction details plans
Plans of the project
Orientate plan for the distribution of the system in space.
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