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Floating Islands for Nature
Floating Islands

The loss of biodiversity and the disappearance of insects and birds is alarming and we have to act as soon as possible

The AquaFlora system is one solution.

  • easy to install
  • immediate result
For Beginners and Experts

Our consortium has the most installations of vegetated floating islands in Europe.

With over 25 years of experience, we have carried out hundreds of projects with many different requirements.



    We are facing a global collapse of biodiversity, where in Europe more than half of our habitats and our species are threatened.

    Vegetated floating islands contribute to the creation of highly productive and diverse habitats for biodiversity.


    There are key native species that need protection and others that are at risk of losing their habitats, including birds, fish and mammals.

    Landscape Enhancement

    AquaFlora floating islands integrate into the environment and provide different ecosystems and aesthetic aspects in degraded areas thanks to their diversity of plants and flowers.

    For a long time, hard engineering provoked a disconnection between water environments and cities. These floating wetlands are an alternative solution to tackle this problem.


    AquaFlora Floating Wetlands have been specifically designed to provide a green solution to improve the water quality through biological processes in their root system. These processes are supported by the Xylit fiber that makes these floating wetlands unique.


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