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Improving sewage water quality


  • Date: 2019

  • Client: Barnasfalt

  • Location: Franqueses del Vallès, Barcelona (Spain)

The construction of a new park (Falgar) in Franqueses del Vallès, has been of enormous value to local people. Our main focus was to improve the quality of the water coming from the Waste Water Treatment Plant into the pond.

AquaFlora Floating Wetlands were installed to improve water quality and the aesthetic value of the park.


The initial project proposed a complex recirculation water system to avoid stagnation problems based on the concept of a natural pool.
The water entering the pond came from a Waste Water Treatment Plant and had to be treated before it went into the pond.


The installation of floating wetlands in two basins prior to the larger pond, improved the water quality before it arrived in the pond. 

Floating wetlands were also installed to improve the habitat for wildlife, from invertebrates to mammals and birds.


Improved water quality. Habitat creation for native flora and fauna. Reduction of solids in suspension and DBO of the water. Colonisation of the habitat with native vegetation.
  • Mature AquaFlora Floating Wetlands in the basins prior to the pond

  • Floating wet lands in the larger pond

Design section

A detailed design was produced which included all construction phases with regards to the pond. Advice was given to Barnasfalt througout the construction process, right up to the final stage, vegetation.
  • Scheme of the channel
  • Pond Margins

    Pond margins
  • Sections of different areas of construction details plans
  • Plans of the project
  • Orientation plan of the system in situ